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Monday, November 29, 2010

Two country home boys and a couple of guitars...

Well.... The story starts like this: I got interested in playing the guitar about the same time my buddy did. We both procured instruments and started learning. About that time he [my buddy] transferred schools. We weren't very close until the next year he transferred back. By then both of us had learned a few riffs from our awesome guitar teacher. [ ]

Continuing on we got pretty serious about performing. We played for our church a couple of times... and they graciously ignored the off-key notes and missed chords! We got together and for the past couple of years we had been thinking of names. We finally came up with "Unbroken Chains" (the meaning will come in a later post).

And here we are! Working on putting together an alblum and getting some publicity. You can support us by commenting on our blog, checking out our youtube channel.

More later!